KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual Reconcile in London

KC Concepcion - Piolo PascualFormer lovers KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual have reconciled after figuring in a bad breakup four years ago.  The two were seen embracing each other during their recent trip to London, along with other Kapamilya stars, for the ASAP Live in London show.  While both have recently claimed in interviews that they have moved on and are friends again, this is the first time they were photographed in such close proximity to each other after the split.

The former couple, who were once the fairy tale romance in Philippine showbiz, parted ways in 2011.  Concepcion herself confirmed rumors that she and Pascual are no longer together during an emotional TV interview with Boy Abunda.  Though she didn’t exactly reveal the reason for their breakup, the non-stop tears throughout the interview was enough to show how hurt she was.

A true gentleman, Piolo kept mum after KC’s interview.  He only opened up about the breakup after three years and admitted that he wished KC did not have to go on national TV.  But time heal all wounds and the two slowly became friends again after Piolo started reaching out to KC particularly after her Lola Elaine’s (Cuneta) death in November 2014.

Piolo remains single while KC has been romantically linked to some guys including Paulo Avelino.  Although they have admitted to be dating, Paulo and KC kept mum about the real status of their relationship.  Recently, however, the two said they decided to just remain friends.  They were also seen together during the ASAP London trip, sitting together on the bus.

Paulo Avelino - KC Concepcion

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