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Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo refute Vhong Navarro's accusations

cedric lee - deniece cornejo - vhong navarroBusinessman Cedric Lee and aspiring actress Deniece Cornejo, currently the most vilified personalities in social media, has came out to defend themselves after comedian Vhong Navarro identified them as the people who beat, ridiculed and accused him of rape on January 22 in a condominium unit in The Fort, Taguig City.

In an interview with Boy Abunda aired on Buzz ng Bayan on Sunday, Navarro recounted his traumatic experience in the hands of Lee and other unidentified men who he claimed took turns to beat him and threaten to hurt his family. The It's Showtime host also added that Lee asked money from him to keep the incident away from the public.

On Monday, Lee and Cornejo granted interviews from different TV networks to give their side of the story. In her interviews, Cornejo insisted that Navarro attempted to rape her inside her condominium unit and refute Navarro's claim that she was the one who invited the comedian to come over.

She added that she has a close relationship with Navarro and treats him as a brother. However, she was shocked when Navarro's behavior allegedly changed and then attempted to rape her when they were already in her unit.

For his part, Lee admitted hurting Navarro after the comedian allegedly tried to escape after they caught him trying to rape Deniece. He explained that he, his sister and another male friend came to Cornejo's condominium unit at that time to pick her up for a night out.

Lee also denied Navarro's claim that the actor was forced to admit raping Deniece while Lee and his male companions took video of the comedian. The businessman clarified that the only video he took of Navarro confessing to the crime was taken at the police precinct, and not inside Cornjeo's condominium unit. The comedian has revealed in the Buzz ng Bayan interview that Lee and his men pulled down his shorts and took video of his private parts.

Regarding Navarro's revelation that Lee asked for money to settle the issue so that it will not go out in public, the businessman said that they only talked about money as payment for damages in Cornejo's condominium unit.

After what had happened, Cornejo said that she has decided to pursue filing attempted rape charges against Navarro. Lee is also filing libel charges against the comedian.

Meanwhile, Navarro has undergone reconstructive surgery on his nose which was seriously injured during the mauling incident. His lawyers said in another interview that they are preparing all pertinent documents and evidences and will file charges against Lee, Cornejo and other individuals involved in the incident very soon.

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