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Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta admits depression

Sharon CunetaMega Star Sharon Cuneta took to Facebook on Monday to reach out and apologize to her fans and supporters for letting them down and allowing herself to get “fat.” In a lengthy open letter posted on her Facebook account, the veteran singer-actress confessed that she is currently going through a “midlife crisis” that has made her became complacent and allowed herself to gain weight.

“I was going through a mid-life crisis, the effects of which I could never have foreseen. My reaction to it was awful; I became rebellious because I hated myself for the way I looked and the time I continued to waste by not focusing and working on bettering my own person,” Sharon wrote.

She also revealed that her personal crisis started when she turned forty and committed the mistakes that have affected what she have worked hard for over the past thirty-six years. She said that it was her fault and apologized to fans for letting them down.

“I allowed myself to get fat and stay fat. I became complacent… and I never lost faith in God, and in you, but I ignored the fact that I had lost faith in myself. It was I who let myself become affected by the fact that I had turned forty, not my public,” she said.

“I feel that I had lost that “hunger” to be on top of my industry, maybe because I finally had a peaceful home and a loving family and focused on my children so much… And so I suffered the consequences of failing to treasure and take care of all that God had blessed me with with regard to my career. It IS my fault, my friends. I am only human,” Sharon added.

The Kapatid Star also talked about her temper and how she dealt with bashers. She said she regrets some of her reactions on Twitter but explained that she was just defending herself and her family from the insults and negativity thrown at them.


“I am frank and say what I think when any part of my person or property is violated. I was very matiisin for many, many years, and lots of people took advantage of that… So I learned to stand up for myself. Twitter was one of the few places that provoked me to show that side of me, but make no mistake about it — I am a fighter… And like every other human being, I deserve respect, especially because I know I am not a bad person. My mistake was I should’ve picked my battles like I always used to. I was shocked and unprepared, and so I was wrong to react the way I often did,” she added.

After her realizations, Sharon said she is starting anew by going back to basics.

“I have no idea where life is about to take me now. All I know is that I will live the best life I can, with the same mission statement: to inspire and encourage, to show that in this crazy world, there are still a few of us you can count on to be real. To show that you fall every once in a while, but you get up. You must. It is our obligation to do so. I know it is my obligation to do so. Not just for me, but for all of you,” she said.

Sharon Cuneta left ABS-CBN, her home network for 23 years, to move to TV5 in 2011. Her 5-year contract with the Kapatid Network was rumored to be worth one billion pesos, believed to be the biggest talent fee ever given to a local artist in the history of Philippine show business. Since her transfer, Sharon has only made three major projects for the network, including the short-lived talk show, Sharon: Kasama Mo, Kapatid, her first television series, Madam Chairman, and the musical variety show, The Mega and the Songwriter, with Ogie Alcasid.

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