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anne curtis no makeup

Pinay celebrities without makeup

If you want to see a woman’s real beauty, check her out first thing in the morning. That is when she hasn’t “done” her face yet.

Makeup can either make or break a woman’s beauty. Apply too little and the imperfections will peek through. Applying too much will make one look like a drag queen. Makeup must be applied in perfect balance, to make imperfections less visible and highlight a face’s best features.

While makeup can do wonders, the most beautiful face is still one that needs no help from these cosmetics. Unfortunately, only a few Pinay celebs can get away with the “makeup-free” look.

Here are some of your favorite Pinay celebrities without makeup.  Some of them looked great while the others should think twice before leaving home “au naturel.” Who among these Pinay Celebrities do you think looked best without makeup?

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12 thoughts on “Pinay celebrities without makeup

  1. Almost all of them has their make up on. eto lang ang walang make up :
    -ZSA ZSA

    The rest po meron silang foundation,eyebrow liner,lipstick there’s a diff. bet no make up sa minimal make up. yang mga taong yan bihirang bihira lumabas ng walang make up some ehh stolen before silang lagyan ng make up or personal pics. pero the rest meron sila… iba kasi pag skin lang na walang powder. and hindi porket walang eye liner ehh walang make up. madaming no make up pero style kasi yan NO MAKE UP ,MAKE UP yung hindi halata pero kung alam mo lang kung ilang patong yung nilagay sa kanila 🙂

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